Sunday, March 21, 2010


  Now emerging from chilled winter years
through purging, heartbreak & many tears.
Pressed and treaded heavily upon
made sweet for tasting and sipping on.
Like the best grapes from God’s winery.

I’m purified in like gold in God’s refinery.
His fire burns until he sees perfection
within my heart He sees His reflection.
Now made pure and pliable, 
yielded to his will
Knowing He’s reliable, 
upon His chest, I’m still.
Emptied of all that would weigh down
Laying before him every crown.
Finding God is more and I am less.
I’m festooned with spring’s ceremonial dress...
Decreasing are remembrances of all things past
Brilliant colors replace black & white’s contrast.
Releasing the memory of death’s mortal sting
Budding and growing, anticipating spring!

© Copyright 2003 Marie Nease