Sunday, January 26, 2014


Is anything forever any more in this life? 

Relationships form, they flourish, 

all smiles and ablush, then, in agony, 

sometimes they die. 


An uncoupling occurs, 

yet what we long for is relationship. 

It isn't good for man to be alone. 

Hours and years of dedication to a job or career result in a moment that hits us hard, 

intense as a head-on collision, 

"we have to let you go today." 

A couple's longing fulfilled in sweet baby, cradled warm, yet tender life is snuffed out, before a year is gone. Unimaginable pain, hearts cry out, just to understand...

Gentle heavenly Daddy holds you, 

though it doesn't make sense. 

He feels every ache, 

He carries every burden and offense.

A deer runs into headlights on a country road,

 a blue eyed, blond haired beauty enters paradise before her story had time to fully unfold.

Flowers fade from bright yellow to brown every Fall,

Through the season's lessons he reaches and calls.

A chill in the air, the flowers brilliant colors fade.

Can our lives be a prayer, even though we're dismayed?


Tragedies, loss and misfortune fill this world we live in.

Remedies are discovered if we are desperate for Him...

though all else fade, 

His Word stands forever.

Jesus is our protective shade 

and is with us in every endeavor.

Oh, don't give up hope though your nights are so dark, 

a raging fire can grow from a little spark. 

Just look up into the expanse that is God, 

gaze into His majestic eyes and be awed. 


  © Marie Nease 2014