Thursday, December 19, 2013

He knows...

One of my sons said this earlier. "Life is hard at times." 
He lives in Costa Rica! In paradise! 

The gut truth is that life isn't perfect, even in a "paradise." We get stressed no matter where we live, right? Growing a business or making a living, working on relationships or living alone, letting go of earthly things, paying bills, learning to be still...

The past several days have been a time of stretching for me as I've been learning new things in post processing of images, in order to deliver what a client desired. My brain hurt in the learning. Good news is that the work is complete and will be in the clients hands tomorrow. 
Will they be happy? 
I sure hope/pray so...

So, today, I was at a saturation point. I needed an escape from my computer, more than I knew. I needed to escape from being up until 3:00 a.m. trying to finish this project. 

A FaceBook status for The Cottage Vineyard & Winery spoke tome, as if it knew... "Looking for that wintertime escape? The Cottage offers breathtaking mountain views, wines that will take your mind to your own personal oasis, and hospitality only found in the south! " I typed, "YES!" then pushed away from the computer and headed in their direction.  

I needed to feel the mountain breezes playing with my hair. My soul needed expansive views. I longed to feel the heat of the sun, low in the sky.  Sunshine did more than physically warm me. My soul warmed. The sun does our body, soul and spirit good. (The Son, Jesus, does our body, soul and spirit good!) 

Pink sky silhouetted against bare trees and fences brought me to "life" again. Just what HE ordered to refresh me, body, soul and spirit.

Was my afternoon perfect? No. Was I able to experience the total peace I hungered for? No. There were other guests who had no idea of the quiet I sought there. They were laughing loudly, their sense of humor not in sync with mine at all... Sounds like life right? Yep. Am I glad I went? Yes! The wide-screen views, sweet wine to sip, the breeze, 
the warm autumn sun were medicine. 
The sunset itself was worth the drive.  

 Sweet dreams are made of "this"... Our Father God knows what we need. I can rest in this.
Signing off for the night...

 Your Father knows what you need before you ask.” Matthew 6:8