Thursday, November 25, 2010

thankful for things that are simple, yet profound

Touch that comforts, heals & expresses love
Hope that’s always there as an anchor when heart is sinking
Answers from God when we question & need direction
Needs that are met through God’s divine and endless supply 
Kisses from Jesus that bring smiles in the midst of challenges
Sounds of birds, laughter, kisses, wind chimes, cellos, geese 
Gift of family, friends & closeness shared
Inspiration of God’s creation - sunrises, sunsets, mountain views, starry nights & a full moon’s glow
Victories gained, lessons learned through struggles & battles
Inklings and insights that bring clarity to foggy moments 
Nearness of God - hiding under the shadow of his wings
God’s grace, goodness and glory He gives us
© copyright 2010 marie nease 

Sunday, November 21, 2010

true reality is played 
in rhythm by God 
as He dances with me 
through the blues until 
the blueness gives way 
to hope. 
Marie Nease

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pasture Therapy

Lying on soft blanket, 
in the middle of a green pasture
on top of a hill where
gentle breezes play with my hair
gazing right up 
into the brightness of light
and clouds floating by...
Unexpected, yet welcoming
warm November sun 
takes my mind vacationing
on a Sunday afternoon,
and I’m beginning to sense I’m 
escaping the stress 
of this world
and seeing God’s 
glory unfurled
in nature’s display 
and within my soul
I am restored
as I lie in 
green pastures,
© Copyright 2010 Marie Nease