Sunday, January 16, 2011

Could I?

I heard this song on the radio several weeks ago as I drove from one side of Atlanta to the other, to visit my son, his wife and my grandchildren. I was moved, deeply moved. I recognized the voice, that sweetly sang this song, but couldn't place it. For weeks I've tried to find this song, so I could feed my hungry spirit, with it's melody and it's words that speak directly to my spirit. Tonight, I searched again, and my Abba blessed me with finding the song and lyrics. So, I share with you. Kim McMechan is the artist who sings this song so amazingly. It goes straight to our hearts, if we allow it. May we sit with him a while, daily.... Rest in Him....

Could I just sit here a while
Know that there's nothing that I need to say
Safe in the knowledge that you know my ways
Love me completely no need to hide a thing

Could I just stay here a while
Letting you melt away all of my fears
I feel your comfort when you are so near
I'll hide myself in this shelter you've made for me

Could I?

Could I just kneel here a while 
Doing what I was created to do
Bowing in reverence I long to adore you
Willingly giving all that I can surrender

Could I just rest here a while
Letting you whisper my burdens away
In all of my journeys there's no other place
Where I find refuge, strength for my weary heart

Could I?

Could I just sit here a while
Know that there's nothing that I need to say
Safe in the knowledge that you know my ways
Love me completely no need to hide a thing...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Burning off the Fog
On a warm New Year’s Eve afternoon, I sensed a drawing to go to the mountain. I didn’t resist.
No parking spaces. I wasn’t surprised. It was a spring-like day. So, I drove almost to the top of the mountain, found a parking spot, saved for me. Hiking the short distance to the top, I felt a heaviness, yet an expectancy. 
A breeze tousles my hair as I lean comfortably against a rock, on top of Kennesaw Mountain. This spot is always empty and available, every time I visit, without fail. I named it Marie’s Rock. A place revisited, especially during times when life’s weights grow heavy and threaten to be too much to handle. Many memories fill this place-- a mix of emotions. 
I was there hoping for clarity, a lifting of the dense brain fog that hovers and threatens to totally obscure my road ahead.
Though the hoped for quiet wasn’t found, I knew I was drawn there for reasons beyond me. For a while, my camera’s eye captured naked branches gently swaying in the breeze, a distant horizon merging with low clouds, airplane tracks blending with wispy clouds in a late afternoon sky. 
I feel naked, exposed, lonely. Sounds of children playing and conversations mix with thoughts, prayers and longings in my heart. Urgent words spoken in a Jamaican-like accent work their way toward me, carried by the breeze. “Jesus, Jesus use me!” I will go. I’ll go where you want me to. I will Jesus. I want to please you Jesus. Jesus.” At first distracted, then a part of me listens. A fervent cry. My heart hears his heart’s longings expressed. No doubt Jesus hears his cry. His heart. 
Clarity opens her sleepy eyes as warm light begins to burn off the fog. Yes, my heart echos this man’s longings and desires. Jesus, use me! Lead me wherever You want. I’ll go. I’ll obey. I long to please You. A worship song I loved began to sing in my heart, “Where you go, I’ll go. What You say, I’ll say, God.” Nothing’s gonna hold me back.  
As I hiked the short distance down to my car, I knew why I’d been drawn to the mountain. A smile began to take the place of my furrowed brow. 
© Copyright 2011 Marie Nease