Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Be Still

These days, we're all in motion...
I wonder how Abba Father sees us. What do we look like from His perspective? We, like ants, are busy, working, gathering food, provisions. Forever moving... Like an aerial view of Atlanta during during rush hour, streaks of lights, representing countless souls transitioning from work to home. From busyness to connecting with family and friends and where is God in the midst of all of this motion? 

Be still...

Life is filled with moments. 
So often the moments blend as we spin out of control. 
We must somehow find our own way to slow. 
To breathe. To be still. To mingle with people close to us. To wrap our hearts around souls. To be still and know God. To be aware of His presence. His gifts that glow in shimmering sunrise and sunset sparkling on waters, in blankets of fog and gentle rain. God's presents given in moments unfolding.

Be still...

Our minds process and analyze life's struggles. We try to grasp truth and purpose. We suffer and such wrenching pain shoots through every soul's veins. Aaah we long for peace, yet it evades us. Hope deferred makes our hearts sick. May our dreams be fulfilled, like a tree of life, budding fresh, as we practice being still and know He is God. May joy come in the morning and in the mourning...

May we stop striving and know You Abba Father.
May we recognize You. 
May we be in awe of Your ways.
May we let go of our concerns and see your solutions.
May we not be fearful, fretful or impatient, restless or focus on tumultuous seas. 
May we be quiet and easy, resigned to Your will, oh Father. 
May we live in an assured expectation of Your divine providence. You know us. You know our weaknesses, what scares us, what brings us to tears. You know where to hide us until the storm is over. May we learn how to fully relax, be still and know and understand with a certainty, that You are God. That You are much much much bigger than we can ever imagine. You set the stars in their place and put them into motion. You are able to still us. 

 © 2014 Marie Nease