Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Purpose in our pain

When burdens are too heavy 
and life doesn't make sense,
splash in puddles, dance in the rain!
When you feel unsteady 
and life's challenges are intense,
trust God in the troubles, 
there's purpose in the pain!

There is 
purpose in our pain.
Flowers grow 
because of rain.
There is
design in our afflictions.
There are
lessons to be learned 
in the midst of our troubles
There is a 
reason for the suffering.
There is a 
sunrise after every stormy night.
There is hope
even in the depths of our despair. 


our divine Creator 

has a plan

and He sees

the end

and has come back



His intentions are honorable

toward us, His children.

He is shaping







through the 


Through the afflictions.

Through the sufferings.

Through the troubles.

Through the stormy nights.

Through the despair.
Even when our view

is blurred by tears,

Our Father God

is closer than our breath,

so very near... 


I've been familiar with

struggles and tears

stress and fears... 

I'm pretty sure you are too...

More importantly and profoundly, 

Jesus is familiar with our griefs and pain. 

He was despised and rejected by men, a man of sorrows, and familiar with suffering. Like one from whom men hide their faces he was despised, and we esteemed him not. 
Isaiah 53:3 New International Version (©1984)

 "We are not “acquainted with grief” in the same way our Lord was acquainted with it. We endure it and live through it, but we do not become intimate with it." ~ Oswald Chambers 

I believe Jesus became intimate with grief through the cross, but also by living on this earth, like we do. He really understands what it's like when we suffer and we hurt.
He "gets" us when we suffer and we hurt. 
Don't we all long for someone to just "get" us?

Hurting and longing for encouragement? 
Here is something to look forward to: Revelation 21:4
These are powerful and comforting reminders: Romans 5:3 - 5

Learning to fly.... Wingdreamer

Monday, February 27, 2012

River of His Delights

Nothing on this earth



We will only be fully satisfied in You, Father God.

Please, help us to fully get this!

When we awake

may we be 


with seeing

Your likeness.

May we 




"Glimpses of glory good men have here below to stay their sacred hunger, but the full feast awaits them in the upper skies. Compared with this deep, ineffable, eternal fulness of delight, the joys of the worldling are as a glowworm to the sun, or the drop of a bucket 
to the ocean." 
From "The Treasury of David."

Psalm 36:8 
Psalm 16:11
Psalm 17:15

 You want us to be abundantly satisfied...watered.

The Hebrew word - רוה râvâh - means to drink to the full; to be satisfied, or sated with drink; or to be satisfied or filled with water, as the earth or fields after an abundant rain: Isaiah 34:7; Psalm 65:10. The state referred to by the word is that of one who was thirsty, but who has drunk to the full; who feels that his desire is satisfied: 
From Barnes Notes on the Bible.

Of the river - The abundance. Not a running fountain; not a gentle bubbling rivulet; not a stream that would soon dry up; but a "river," large; full; overflowing; inexhaustible. 
From Barnes Notes on the Bible.

I looked up the words delights and pleasures mentioned in Psalm 36:8. (They will be abundantly satisfied with the fatness of your house; and you will make them drink of the river of your pleasures.) The word pleasures and delights comes from the word Eden! 
I don't know about you, but I didn't know that! ,
Strong's Concordance #5730 עֵדֶן `eden {ay'-den}or (fem.) עֶדְנָה `ednah {ed-naw'}

Eden the garden God created for Adam and Eve, 
means pleasures and delights. Wow! You desire for us to drink 
from the river of Eden. You long for us to return to the
simplicity of the garden of delights and pleasures, in YOU. 
In You...

Only in You
will we be satisfied.
Only in You
will we be delighted.
Only in You
will we take pleasure.

We are still able to walk in the cool
of Edenlike morning with you, 
as we realize
our pleasure
our delight
is in You.


Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Writer's Life

A writer’s life is lonely at times.
Keyboards and pens are my friends.
Late nights bring words and rhymes. 
My reward is that life is penned,
on the roller-coaster that’s my life story.
Writing about endless dark nights,
reveling in morning’s glory.
Composing, I guess really ignites
a passion within, finding I’m dancing
as words flow out onto the page,
perhaps a kind of romancing 
is going on, it’s not just a phase,
or a fascination, it’s a love affair
of the ardent kind, a fiery tale, 
inspiration breathed as a prayer.
Listening to God inhale and exhale,
whispering creation though my fingers.
I ask, will words I write make a difference?
He answers, smiling, His Spirit lingers...
Yes, if I write through you, they’ll shine with brilliance.
Together we’ll make an imprint on souls
inspiring, encouraging and lifting hearts
bringing healing and making them whole,
with the miracle that the written word imparts.

© Copyright 2012 Marie Nease

Sunday, February 19, 2012

God Hung the Moon

I have such peace tonight,
though circumstances are unsettled. 
God goes before us and prepares the way...
He hung the moon in the sky 

He set stars in intricate patterns in the sky
and their light sparkles miraculous into our night... 
How can I not trust Him? 
He is so much bigger than my little irritations and earthly struggles. 
"Itty bitty problems, big big GOD."
Tommy Tenny spoke a simple, powerful truth when he shared this. 

God is big enough. 

I can rest.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Mine


I'm calling to you!
Please, Be Mine...
I've been falling for you,
since the beginning of time. 

You've captured my heart, my bride.
I've covered you in my robe of righteousness!
There is no need to be ashamed or hide;
It's almost time to put on your white wedding dress!

Oh my church, will you be mine?

I've waited and longed for you, for endless days...
Oh my Bride, have you made yourself ready
for me? You're adorned in splendor, my heart's ablaze,
for I've prepared us a place, created with a love so heady!

I've spread out a wedding feast of choice breads and wine,
so come celebrate! I'll rejoice over you with singing.
You, the redeemed, returned with joy, at last you are mine!
My Father's fulfilled His plan, perfect from the beginning!

Oh, my Bride, at last you are mine!
With love, 
Jesus, your Bridegroom  

Monday, February 13, 2012

Learn from the way the wildflowers grow

Every Spring inspires me with all it's wild blooming, 
growing, greening going on...

Spring is early here in Georgia and other areas of the country. I've been soaking up the warmth. This weekend the temps took a dive into the 20's and the wind blew harsh, 
keeping us inside.

Outside, the flowers and trees that burst into bloom a bit early, shiver in the chilly wind. 
I wonder, will their blooms fade because of the freezing air? 

Fragile purple unfolding,

encouraged by balmy warming;

Amazed, we're beholding  

another Spring forming 

as delicate buds, reaching higher,

little hands pushing up through layers of dirt,

 longing to show off their colorful attire,

pushing through layers, beautiful, unhurt.

Naturally following their Father's urging,

unfolding as they were created to,

effortlessly, in rhythm, emerging

in brilliant colors from yellow to blue.

Marie Nease 


Learn from the way the wildflowers grow.

they do not work or spin.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

When Morning Dawns

A song flowed out of me today. 
A song of worship! 

The song was inspired as I read and have been meditating on Psalm 46:5. It reminds us of how God is in the midst of us, so we won't be moved. He will help us when morning dawns.

So many people are going through SO much during these days. I personally know many singles who are going through dark nights and immense challenges...beyond what they feel they can handle. These things happen so that we won't rely on ourselves, but on God. We put our hope in God and believe He will deliver us. (2 Corinthians 1: 8-10) 

If we truly trust that God is a God of His Word, we can thankfully smile and consider it pure joy when we encounter trials and challenges. Why? When our faith is tested, it causes our endurance to grow; when our patience and endurance is fully developed, we will be mature and complete, 
lacking nothing! (James 1:2-4)

I realize I'm not "professional" as far as writing lyrics and putting them to music, but I can sense I'm being stretched in this area and it's bringing a smile to my face and I believe Jesus is smiling too. 

I will tweak the song some over the next several days and I will post it. I hope to sing it soon at a single's group I attend. My hope, my prayer, is that it will encourage and inspire many. I believe though I'm shy in front of groups, 
God will supply grace and will sing through me.

Are there areas where God longs to inspire you and stretch you to flow in the gifts He's given you? 
He desires to move in and through us... 
 to be His voice, 
His hands, 
His heart, 
His light, 
His eyes,
His compassion, 
His ears, 
His aching love to those around us.