Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fig Trees Grapes and Puddles

Blessings received in the midst of 
desert dry seasons
drench us like refreshing rain,
and we dance
like children,
splashing in puddles of blessings!
© 2014 Marie Nease


May the dry, cracked earth of you
be drenched as the Holy Spirit 
falls like rain, 
refreshing, restoring again.

May you lift empty hands 
high, in joyful praise,
thankful just for hands to raise!
May you honor God with all that you own
and the first fruits of your increase,
then find you're surprised by God
as He fills your "barns" until
they can hold no more
and your barrels will burst with new wine!

Yet, if your fig trees do not blossom
and there are no grapes on your vines,
will you still lift your voice in joyful songs of praise
to the God who gave you life and salvation?

You will be able to be joyful
if you remember and believe
that the Lord God is your strength 
and He'll make you surefooted, like a deer,
and swift to run.
 He will equip you to tread on mountain heights,
sure and stable, as you traverse
troublesome times and surmount with ease 
all difficulties and obstructions that lie in your way.

© 2014 Marie Nease

Habakkuk 3: 17-19
Proverbs 3:9-10

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Reveling in this verity
as white covers the ground,
my heart knows with certainty
that though our sins abound,
Jesus' blood that flowed
freely from His heart
brought forgiveness and showed
us His desire to impart
His likeness in mere man
to embrace us as His bride
 is the Trinity's plan.
Though our sins are red like crimson
His blood makes them white as snow.
Jesus sacrificed, His life given
so we would fully know

 © 2014 Marie Nease