Sunday, December 26, 2010

A White Christmas 
Clouds full of moisture
were approaching,
temperatures dropping,..
With the right mixture
magic can happen...
So heaven winks
then releases whiteness,
falling, swirling, 
dancing, twirling
causing faces of children
young and old
to gaze heavenward, 
watching earth blanketed
in pure whiteness
bringing quietness
to this night...
so we breathe
in the beauty
of this white Christmas. 

Written on Christmas evening in Georgia.
© Copyright 2010 Marie Nease 

Sunday, December 12, 2010

heaven came to Earth

Jesus, on this quiet eve 
when we celebrate Your birth
I muse on the reasons 
heaven came to Earth.
As your Father painted the first strokes
On the canvas of you, 
the stars were a special messenger
to announce your arrival in this world.
God, your seed in a pure maiden,
brought forth a child, to be my King.
Jesus, you are music of heaven
sung through your voice, so I hear & sing.
Jesus, you are God spelled out
In a language I can understand.
Jesus, you are the face of God
close up, so I can see with new eyes.
So on this quiet eve, when I celebrate your birth
 I behold You, lamb of God 
Who takes away my sin
And the sin of all the world.

© Copyright 2006 ~ Marie Nease 

Inspired by Quiet Talks About Jesus by S.D. Gordon 
But chiefly in Jesus God came. Jesus is God going out in the cold black night, over the mountains, down the ravines and gullies, eagerly hunting for His lost man, getting hands, and face, and more, torn on the brambly thorn bushes, and losing His life, in the darkness, on a tree thrust in His path, but saving the man.” ~S.D. Gordon