Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful beyond words

In the wee hours 
of Thanksgiving morning...
I should be sleeping,
yet I am awake...
there are moments
of keen awareness
of those who are suffering,
of those who are mourning
the loss of spouses,
the memories
of family members,
and of friends
who have gone
before us,
especially those who've
gone before their time...    
at least before we were ready
for them to go...
for them to leave us.

There are others
who are not sleeping,
hearts who are weeping
for those whose
lives hang between
this life
and the next,
wondering how many
hours will pass
how many days
will loved ones last?

So, humbly our hearts bow
crying out, we don't always understand
why you allow
suffering and sickness; 
hold our hand
as we struggle to look up into Your face
thankful for hope, 
dancing in the midst of grace.

I'm thankful for family
and friends
who are still with us...
For precious, memory making
kind of days 
to touch their hands,
their hearts
fully while we are able.   

And so we learn
in the letting go.
We learn 
in the stretching,
in the growing,
through times that ache,
to be thankful in 
in this world
because we are 
in the process
of getting to know
a personal God,
a process of being
changed into HIS image,
He who chose to send His
only son to redeem us
from sin...
from ourselves
and unto Himself.

So, in the wee hours
of this Thanksgiving morning
I am so "thank full"
for all the reasons
for all the seasons 
of life
and how God chooses
and uses 
 of our lives
to draw us

God draws us closer
to His heart
because His love is beyond
our imagination...
He longs to live through us
in divinely illuminating,
forever communicating.
His immense love,
the expense poured out
His blood freely
for us... 

So thankful

 Copyright © 2012 Marie Nease 


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Learning to Enjoy the Walk

peace, even in the lonely
hope, even in the longing
vision, even in the dark
dreams, even in discouragement
splashing in puddles
smiling through tears
seeing through fog
sunsets after rain

smoothed in the stream
songs in the pain
miracles in storms
bending in the wind 
flying high in rising currents
learning to enjoy the walk

ⓒ 2012 Marie Nease