Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Exquisite Beauty, Horrible Pain...

I see such exquisite beauty expressed in creation, music that moves me, heart and soul, smiles that light up faces, blue skies, blue eyes, brown and green, babies being born, sunrises painted across blue, sunsets aflame, petals in hundreds of hues, raindrops, lightening flashing, the moon, slivered or full, stars sparkling, the Milky Way glowing, autumn leaves showing their vivid colors, happy people laughing and couples still in love and in the gentle, yet powerful touch of God in our frailty...

I see such heartbreaking, intense pain, tearstained faces, hearts bent over with weights, heavy with this world and it's cares...I see limping, wounded souls, broken, grieving, beyond imagination...I see diseases, cancers, conditions and disorders that eat at our bodies and minds, doing their best to cause discouragement, depression and even death...

I see incredible evils, lustful, devious and murderous acts. I hear stories of devastation that are so horrible I weep... Most leaders of countries are not leading in a righteous way.

The world quakes and shakes, whirls and spins, smokes and spews gases and lava, the earth cracks and it floods, experiencing birth pangs...

Yet, THIS I CHOOSE TO REMEMBER, to sing out, that He, our God, has seen the end and He has come back dancing!! 

He is aquainted with our grief and pain! 

He is with us in it and through it. 

He is with us in the midst of the exquisitely beautiful moments and the horribly painful moments too.

My prayer is that we may really KNOW Jesus intimately in the midst of these days.

I need to know you are holding the whole world in your hands...   Love this song!   Love this song!

My humble apologies.... Blogger is suffering tonight with some issues so the blog formatting etc is off..... oh well, we live in an imperfect world, right? :-)

© 2014 Marie Nease